Elephant Talk #591 (as text)

30 May 1999

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 09:16:32 +0100
From: Toby Howard <toby at cs dot man dot ac dot uk>
Subject: NEWS: AB tour dates
(From Big Electric Chat)

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Adrian Belew will be=20
embarking on a U.S. tour beginning June 7 and will continue=20
until the end of July.  As you may or may not know, Adrian=20
is the former Zappa/Bowie/Talking Head guitarist who has=20
worked with a multitude of other artists.  For more info=20
on Adrian and the tour, please visit his web site at:

June  7 Mount Blue, Norwell MA
June  9 Metronome, Burlington VT
June 10 Middle East, Boston
June 11 New Market Caberet, Philadelphia
June 12 Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
June 13 Birchmere, Arlington VA
June 15 Cat's Cradle, Chappel Hill NC
June 16 Be Here Now, Asheville NC
June 17 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
June 19 Exit In, Nashville
June 21 7th House, Detroit
June 22 Martyr's, Chicago
June 23 Shank Hall, Milwaukee

Opening for Adrian will be the Boston-based, Adrian=20
produced band, The Irresponsibles.  The Irresponsibles=20
have been compared to XTC and The Beatles and are a=20
going to go places. =20


Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 23:56:57 -0700
From: "Joey Aguilera" <arkham at indiscipline dot net>
Subject: Cirkus Released In US
Just got the postcard from discipline and an order confirmation from CDNOW.
You can get more info on the cd at:


Joey F Aguilera
Six Degrees of Fripp

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 12:47:45 +0200
From: "schizoid.man" <schizoid dot man at infonie dot be>
Subject: crimson samplings
to respond to the wish of John Knight, i DO know a sample of KC on record.
It is "Starless" that has been chosen for the opening tune of the second
album of the british rap band "THE BROTHERHOOD" wich is called "ELEMENTALZ".
It's on Virgin. You May find it weird but Dave McKean, a great british
artist, did the cover as he did for the latest two BB's EARTHWORKS...You may
also find in there some sample of  SOFT MACHINE's "Moon In June" from their
third album.

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 04:09:22 PDT
From: "stuart allison" <red_army_1 at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Miscellaneous Debris
A number of misc. things;

*Last week on RAGE, the music video show in Australia a band called Gerling
programmed it(chose the clips). Their first two clips were: 1) Once in a
Lifetime - Talking Heads and 2) Heroes - David Bowie.
Short of playing an actual Crimson clip there was no real way they could
better it (and they didn't).NB for those of you who don't know Belew plays
on the first and Fripp on the second.

*Isn't that the Beatles on the cover of Lizard in the 'I', more specificaly
from l to r: george, paul, john and ringo, and would I be right in saying
that is Rupert the bear in that aeroplane in what from memory is the 'N'

*When does the new NIN album come out and will there be more Belew?

*John Wetton doesn't get enough credit as a bass player on this newsletter.
My band does a version of Lark's 2 and that last note on the quirky
arpeggios is really just a leap of faith for me. Levin, usually regarded as
the best KC bassist doesn't even bother playing that note on the Frejus '82
video! LTiA2 isn't even close to Wetton's best playing either (for this
honour I would nominate probably an improv as he frequently shines in these
ie Providence or Starless & Bible Black).

*There is a signed copy of the VROOOM EP at a shop here in Sydney, the WHOLE
BAND! If only I could summon up $150


Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 11:10:45 GMT
From: "fateswarm _" <mlnglst at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Wanna start a prog band?
..then check the Progressive rock/metal musicians discussion board at:


OR http://jump.to/progmusicians

All the best,
michael m.

ps. Join Epigram's prog metal/rock Discussion mailing list by visiting

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 13:34:25 +0100 (BST)
From: Jon Hill <jh497 at soton dot ac dot uk>
Subject: Thrak Album Cover + other stuff
Hello all, I`m Jon from Birmingham in England, (currently
studying in Southampton). Never posted before but here goes:

Victor Herrera said that he couldn`t work out what the
cover of Thrak shows. Neither could I. However, my dad
reckons that it is the wing of an aeroplane. The wing goes
from top to bottom, vertical - so the plane itself is just
out of shot. I haven`t got the cd to hand but I think you
can make out one of those vent things on the left of the
picture/front of the wing.

This also ties in quite nicely with the onomatapeia
suggestion: a plane makes a hell of a noise, especially
when one crashes.

I`ll hopefully be going to the Earthworks show next
Thursday at the Gantry in Southampton. I`ll probably be
wearing my YES T-shirt (bordering on sacrilege - but hey.)
So if you see a geeky 20yr-old student type in an OYE shirt
say hello.

I saw John Wetton at the Brook at the first of this month -
and he was great. He played a joke version of `in the
court` into which he sang the lyrics of `My old-man`s a
dustman`, they fitted perfectly. it was hilarious.
He also changed the lyrics of the second verse of easy
money (the naughty fudge one!). They read:

Well I argued with the judge
But that bastard wouldn`t budge
Cos he knew you bore a grudge
And you never told me once you were from China!

It was an acoustic gig with JW and David
Kilminster on guitar and Martin Orford on Keys. Richard
Palmer-James made a guest appearance playing guitar on
a stonking version of easy money. I had a brief chat with
both RPJ and JW afterwards and they kindly signed my copy
of S&BB which I had ran home to dig out of my collection
after the show. Top blokes.

I`m now going back to being a spectator. Cheerio.
Jon Hill
jh497 at soton dot ac dot uk

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:55:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chris Van Valen <crv1 at is2 dot nyu dot edu>
Subject: DGMCC #4...WHA????
Hi, EYMs(&Ws)

I just received Collectors Club release #4. Loved the packaging!. I
mmmediately put the disc in the machine....and it wasn't Crimson!!! I took
the disc out of the machine. The label said Collectors Club number 4. I put
the disc in again. Same really horrible hodgepodge of hippie music. I have
no idea who this band is. The only song title I think I could figure out is
"Comicbook Land". Did anyone else receive a disc like this??? I mean, it
was sealed and all!
I called Poss Prod and they couldn't figure out what happened. They agreed
to send me another disc(I asked them to open it and listen to it first) and
I sent the mystery disc back to them.


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work. - J.G. Bennett

And it's potato, potato, potato. - Mike Keneally

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 11:11:31 -0700
From: Matthew Carton <soulchef at earthlink dot net>
Subject: Re: Fripp on an Audi commercial?
This is in response to:

>From: WFMUTV at aol dot com
>Subject: Fripp on an Audi commercial?

>Is that Sounscapes I hear on an Audi commercial (seen in the U.S.) or >is it a


I was wondering the same thing, too, while watching the NBA playoffs.
Sounds very much like the coda to "Gone to Earth" on Sylvian's 1986
album of the same name. I could be wrong about the song, but that
defintely is RF with Sylvian.

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 14:52:48 -0400
From: "Jeff Woodall" <J dot WOODALL at srbi dot com>
Subject: Re: dumela at tidalwave dot net (tj) comments in ET #589
I agree with TJ's assessment of the Earthworks audience.  I saw the band here in NYC - and many in the crowd were obviously not used to the Jazz Club environment.  Not that the Knitting Factory is a jazz club in the same sense as the Village Vanguard, Iridium, Sweet Basil, or Birdland - but I was disappointed in the somewhat "loud and inappropriate" response to the music.  Jazz music often requires silence - especially during a solo - or when the band is "nailing it" - but far too many sounded like they were getting off on a Trevor Rabin guitar solo, and not  on what was being created on stage.

Bruford should take great pains to "market" his music to the non-crimso crowd if he ever wants Earthworks to be truly appreciated by the "right people" (excuse any jazz snobbery in this comment).  A few poorly-paid turns at some NYC jazz clubs may also be in order.


Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 14:10:35 -0500
From: "Chris 'Coz' Costello" <coz at enteract dot com>
Subject: Adrian already sold out/Bruford and the MD Fest
Well, according to a local alternative weekly, the Adrian Belew show
at Martyr's (Chicago) is already sold out.  In a related story, there's
an article in said weekly on a local guy who books prog shows at that
same club...it should be at

As for the post to the last newsletter about Bruford acting like a
snob at the Modern Drummer Festival, he was talking about it a bit
after the Upper Extremities show here in Chicago.  It seems that
the powers that be at the MD fest can be very, um, *demanding*.
For example, it seems that part of the deal is that they are able
to videotape the performances and sell the tapes, and the impression
I got was that BB would see none of that money.  From the sound of
it, the whole experience was bugging him from the get-go, but if
he were to refuse, it could probably affect the kind of press he's
able to get from the magazine.


Chris 'Coz' Costello | http://www.enteract.com/~coz/ | coz at enteract dot com

    "H I P N E S S   I S   T R A N S I E N T...you've got to change
          in order to be continually hip." - Vinnie Colaiuta

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 15:22:06 EDT
From: MLavallee at aol dot com
Subject: Re: Bruford's Crimson attraction
I remember seeing a quote by Bruford regarding Wake Of Poseidon, he referred
to it as the album Time And A Word should have been...

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 16:24:59 -1300
From: Andrew Acunzo <AACUNZO at mail dot chem dot sunysb dot edu>
Subject: Re: Contemplating 1972
Weissenburger - Jeremy S.  <jeremysw at umd5 dot umd dot edu> wrote:

>I don't think that Bruford knew of the current state of the band; but
>most people knew of the 1969 band.  In part, he was hoping to get in on
>a band that valued improvisation over structure.  He's been pretty
>straight-forward about why he left Yes in most interviews that I've read.

Bruford must have known something about the ISLANDS-era Crimson, because
he and Yes shared the bill with them at at least one show - March 27,
1972 in Boston.  It was the last night of the FRAGILE tour and I think
one of the last shows of the spring '72 Crimson tour.  Not sure if
the bands did a whole tour together, but they at least shared the bill at
that one show, Bill's last with Yes before jumping ship.

On another Yes note, I recently read an interview with Rick Wakeman where
he discussed how terrible the mellotron was to deal with, and that at one
point he dragged two of them out into a field, covered them in gasoline,
and burned them.  He said some people were so enamoured of the sound that
they were willing to put up with the tuning problems, etc., but he could
never stand them.

Andy Acunzo
aacunzo at sbchem dot sunysb dot edu

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 16:18:25 -0700
From: Brian Mafi <Brian dot Mafi at mitchell dot com>
Subject: Thrak Cover

In response to:

> From: Victor Herrera <viga at expressmail dot net>Subject: Onomatopeia madness

 I am still trying to figure out what the CD cover is.
Maybe everybody knows. In any case, if somebody knows, can you please
comment on it?

To my eyes, the Thrak cover looks like a metal pipe that has had a grinder
taken to it, to where there is a hole in the pipe.

Wasn't there a comment from Mr. Fribble somewhere stating that "Thrak is the
sound of (insert proper number here) guitars hitting the same chord at
approximately the same time". Thought I saw that in an interview

Peace, Love, Bobby Sherman,


Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 20:48:18 EDT
From: JerHoliday at aol dot com
Subject: Sacred Songs reissue
I just picked up a copy of the new Daryl Hall "Sacred Songs" reissue,
produced by Fripp.  It is excellent.  Fripp remastered the CD himself, and in
addition to all the original "Sacred Songs" material, it includes 2 bonus
tracks from the "Exposure" album: "You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette" and "North
Star."  These are especially tasty, since Fripp has remixed "Cigarette" to
have a much fuller sound on SS than on the "Exposure" CD, and he included the
"Exposure" LP version of "North Star," as opposed to the version of "North
Star" that appeared on the Exposure CD (confusing!)  Fripp also wrote new
liner notes for the "SAcred Songs" CD reissue.  For those who haven't heard
it, it is a great album with a strong influence from Fripp, and it does not
sound much like Hall & Oates. An excellent companion piece to "Exposure" and
"Peter Gabriel 2"

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:50:45 -0500 (CDT)
From: flaherty michael w <z946128 at rice dot farm dot niu dot edu>
Subject: Dumb Replys; CC#4
I.  To my recent post concerning the possibility of ET becoming a smaller,
more interesting newsletter because the DGM cite could take up direct
requests, comments etc. directed at Mr. Fripp, Eb responded that he
"assumes" that by this I mean that we should have extensive discussions of
dream lineups, product swaps, and basic questions.  I am ALMOST tempted to
ask as to why he makes such a stupid assumption, but I'll just say that
perhaps an example of what I have in mind is a newsletter in which members
take the time to actually read letters before they attack their authors.
(But that wouldn't be as much fun, would it.)
As to Chris McCarel's "confusing" my name with a famous dancer--well, I
assume he thought it was pretty funny so what the hell....

II.  As Robert Fripp notes, CC#4 is nothing new to Crimson fans.  It is a
nice enough package, and a recording of a good show.  And as CC#3 was the
first release to appeal to those of us who hope for material that is
"different" than what is already available, so CC#4 will thrill those who
have been complaining about sound quality.

Michael Flaherty

Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:24:07 EDT
From: Bknt at aol dot com
Subject: Norbert Fragg: The Secret Barbecue
Excerpt from ET:
"ET is just a fat-chewing enthusiasts' forum. It's like a barbecue you go to
at someone's house: some of the food is crap, some of it's nice, and you
meet the neighbours: you get on with some, tolerate others, and get to meet
the inevitable assholes too." --T#

Excerpt from the slime-covered "mossed diaries" of Norbert Fragg:
"Tomorrow is the birthday of my Spanish but not Jewish artist wife, Goy-ah,
who, because she so often sings in the shower, is referred to occasionally in
these quantumescently computed pages as a `little hoarse.' We intend to
disappear for four days where you intolerant basement dwelling medulla
obligato mouse droppings who pretend to listen but merely want to take
photographs, shake hands, seek autographs and otherwise dilute the precious
energies of an infrequently working but most of the time shirking
guitarist--will never find us. The diary will, therefore, suffer, as the key
that unlocks the door falls on the floor and is no more. Temporarily, at

Excerpt from the covertly marinaded, basted, grilled over sizzling mesquite
coals and otherwise  "sauced" diaries of Norbert Fragg:

"The Al Fresco Pig Roast at Tony Gymbal's craftily inspired retreat (where
craft supports the skill that supports the roof whenever it doesn't rain, and
every disadvantage has been turned into someone else's problem) was a
splendid excess, beginning with a ritual lard mastication originally
developed in Guitar Wonk sessions, in which the assembled bite off more than
they can chew, and then attempt to swallow whole, what may appear to the
retrograde basement dweller as indisgestible philosophical contradictions but
are actually clever aphorisms designed to free the mind and encourage music
to take us into its flatulence. Because I have been a vegetarian for 24
years, three months, two days and six seconds, the notion of consuming
charred, flavored soft tissues--even if said high-fiber fabrications derived
from selectively severed portions of the late Mr. Allen Fresco, an
inordinantly porcine executive of Slea-Z Records who extracted management
fees from earnings of previous incarnations of Thing Nixon but maintained
that the band had not earned sufficient sums to acrue royalties--filled me
with piquant dread. As a lurking, if not mystically murking guitarist, I
repressed an urge to purge and dined eagerly, if not meagrely, on what
appeared to be Mr. Fresco's left testicle. Goy-ah, who can be a fickle eater,
found most of the feast fundamentally fecal, though an assortment of cleverly
crisped potato heads, included as symbolic representatives of the recording
industry's merchantile branch, she deemed deemed rather `nice.' We were then
introduced to Tony's neighbours, Guitar Wonkers Hideo Hideous and Steve
Sphere, and a peculiar gentleman of Yiddish distraction named Nishka Falech
who that he had performed with me in Bar-Mitzvah bands during the dark,
dreary days before I became venal and controlling. The affair concluded with
a surprise visit from the Inland Revenue Service, to whom our host graciously
explained that we were musicians, not accountants. They subsequently
departed, after extracting several pounds of flesh from Mr. Fresco who,
needless to say, found himself in reduced circumstances.

"Goy-ah and I then retired to our pleasant Cecily Beaten cottage, where we
sipped frothy cups of cappuccino and joined Wonder Bun for Twee of a Perfect
Hare. No bliss obliged, I have gazed upon thee fully clothed!"
--Bill Kent

Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 20:22:16 -0700
From: Alexander Domrin <domrin at pc-club dot ru>
Subject: Kings - Second Chapter
Hello everybody -

I have a spare copy of Fripp & Sylvian CD bootleg
Kings * Second Chapter (with Trey Gunn, sticks &
Michael Brook, drums, 1994.)

Also for information of collectors:

King Crimson USA was released on CD in Russia
and the whole series of "Crimson/Japan Family" CDs
was initiated. So far it has included:

McDONALD & GILES (1971);
Schizoid Dimension * A Tribute to King Crimson (feat. David Cross, Brand
X, 1997);
NO-MAN * Flowermix (with R.Fripp & Mel Collins, 1995);
GORN, LEVIN, MAROTTA * From the Caves of the Iron Mountain (1997);
Adrian BELEW * The Guitar as Orchestra (1995);
The Robert FRIPP STRING QUINTET * The Bridge Between
(with T.Gunn & California Guitar Trio, 1993);
Trey GUNN * The Third Star (1996);
Pet SINFIELD * Stillusion (1973/93);
David SYLVIAN & Holger CZUKAY * Plight & Premonition (1988);
JANSEN - BARBIERI * Stone to Flesh (w/David Torn, etc, 1995);
JANSEN - BARBIERI - TAKEMURA * Changing Hands (1998);
David CROSS * Tasting to Destruction (1994);
David TORN * Cloud About Mercury (with Mark Isham, T.Levin, B.Bruford,
David TORN * What Means Solid, Traveller? (1995);
Tony LEVIN * World Diary (1995);
Andy SUMMERS & Robert FRIPP * I Advance Masked (1982).
PROJEkCT TWO * Space Grove (1998) and Live Groove (1999).

Similarly "Yes Family" CD series was initiated two or three weeks ago
with Chris SQUIRE * Fish out of Water (1975); TOMORROW
(Steve Howe's old band, 1967-68); early albums of Jon ANDERSON
and Patrick MORAZ, etc.

Let me know if anybody is interested in these rarities.


Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 12:23:36 +0100
From: umrk at home dot com
Subject: More G3
>Fripp played only soundscapes by himself to open the shows. However,
>for a portion of his set Mike Keneally came out and joined him. This was
>fabulous as Keneally is truly an amazing guitarist. I highly recommend
>picking up any Keneally albums. Sluggo! is a good place to start.

>I distinctly remember Robert Fripp coming out during one of the
>encores to play a blues number with the entire band, which that night
>included Steve Vai with Mike Keneally, Joe Satriani, and Kenny Wayne
>Shepard (sp?).

Yes, I believe you are correct. You have jogged my memory and I do
remember RF
joining everyone for an encore. I think it was Red House.


Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 19:59:05 PDT
From: "stuart allison" <red_army_1 at hotmail dot com>
Subject: VROOOM, THRAK, cars and crashes
I am positive I read somewhere an explanation from the mouth of Trey Gunn
saying that VROOOM was (this quote is a bit sketchy) "The hustle and bustle
of Manhattan on its side" and its well documented that THRAK means 117(?)
guitar players playing the same chord at ALMOST the same time and that
B'BOOM is two drummers hitting drums at almost the same time. Really people,
you just don't research enough!

As to Fripp's soundscapes being injected into an american car add, I
wouldn't know because I don't live there but....I have long since wondered
that I had heard Tony Levin's stick(?bass?) work on the intro to Sleepless
on a car add and this was backed up only yesterday when I was playing it
while some friends were over and one asked me exactly the same question.

To the person who wrote about sampling KC, when you said Flea you did mean
the bassist from the Chilli Peppers didn't you? I had no idea he was a KC

Lastly, to the 'Michael Flatley' post; that was very amusing, that name
regularly makes me think the same thing and you really had me believing you
truly though that at the begin. NB no offence to the owner of the name in
question (just in case it sounds offensive!)


Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 00:31:22 -0600
From: Victor Herrera <viga at expressmail dot net>
Subject: Poseidon Correction
Dear ETers

My very stupid mistake, last week I posted the chords to In the Wake of
Poseidon with the two beginning chords reversed. It should be Em first
and C second, not the other way around. It was a typo, I swear :) ..
both chords where reversed in the outro as well...

I beg your pardon for my carelessness with the cut and paste commands.

Victor Herrera
San Jose, Costa Rica

Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
vm_herrera at acad dot fandm dot edu

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 00:18:24 -0700
From: "Karl D. Monteleone" <migt at earthlink dot net>
Subject: Discipline cover design
I have a question maybe you can answer, what does the design on the
Discipline cover mean? Hopefully you can help! Thanks.

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 10:22:42 -0500
From: "Mark Taylor" <mataylor2 at iquest dot net>
Subject: The Lark Ascending
Hello there.  I have not contributed to ET before, but I've been observing
from afar.  What a terrific resource.  Thanks for all this hard work.  I've
been a Crimson/Fripp fan since 1972 at the tender age of 16.  I was browsing
the archives and noticed several questions about the title "Larks Tongues in
Aspic".  I hope I'm not covering old ground here, but curious readers would
do well to give a listen to a performance of the English composer Vaughn
Williams tone poem "The Lark Ascending."  At points you will recognize
snippets that David Cross used in the quiet passages on Larks Tongues in
Aspic Part I.  I strongly believe the title has its origins in William's

More to come


Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 00:44:04 -0500
From: Colin Beaumier <cbeaumier at uffdaonline dot net>
Subject: update and a thousand thanks yous!
Greetings again from North Dakota----LAND OF......well, north

Just a quick note to express thanks to the great ET community who bought
memorabilia of KC and KC related goodies!--This is a pretty tight
community and pretty honest, too!

For anyone interested, I have an updated list of things still available
to unload at a "please make an offer as I am moving in two weeks" price
system--one "GEM" is a deram copy of Giles Giles, and FRIPP--(I recall
there being some SAUSAGE in there but, alas I cannot find it......)--Not
only do I appreciate the beauty of albums and this one in particular is
in terrific condition, but you also get to REALLY appreciate how gross
the Giles brothers' TEETH are (maybe it's that TEA thing, I dunno)
---Mr Fripp, whomever your dentist is--stick with them--hell of a
guitaristy AND nice teeth.    You can't fully appreciate Peter Giles
nasty teeth on a tiny CD case, be assured!!

I also have an earthbound lp for sale, tooth free.....

And to assure the greatness of profundity of musical awareness here in
North Dakota, I
have had a conversation with a Mr Tom Clement who owns a cycle shop here
and is a huge fan of KC.....when we discussed the fact that Bill Bruford
may not be with the next lineup at first, he suggested (get this)
----Floyd Sneed from Three Dog Night....well, I guess Floyd has a pretty
fast paradiddle--he hasn't played for a while so I suppose he should get
back in the 'scene'----but let's hope not.......

Hope you laughed, and please..... floss, gentlemen
PS--if you want an updated list, please email privately~!

Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 09:48:31 +0200
From: "schizoid.man" <schizoid dot man at infonie dot be>
Subject: open debate to the hardcore fans
As i am...
Recently, after receiving the CC4, i read the extracts of the RF diary
reprinted within and i discovered there was project to reform KC '
69...Well, that's a big surprise for me. I have great symapthy for this
period and everybody knows how RF keep it closer to the heart but, even
critics told it and RF defend it, KC became what KC is because Fripp
remained. Am i not right ?

I always saw King Crimson as a vehicule of expression, wherin Fripp was the
coordinator, the common point wich relied all the musicians' desires
involved. From an external point of view, this may seem not really
democratic but i don't think all the great musicians who were involved were
told to keep it shut ; as a proof i take the extraordinnary change in style
KC had pass through all over the years, still remaining truth to his aim.

I read also some nostalgia trip through the mails of some fans, wich they
were asking what KC had sounded if McDonald, Sinfield, Lake and Giles
Well, can i give you my point of view ?
I don't know why mankind is never satisfied, he is always struggling against
his spontaneous desires. After wanting very hardly something, then he let it
fall into oblivion to go further and find out something else...
If KC split, there was (a) reason(s). So be it. At this game, lots of things
must be said : Robert Fripp might have been the Yes guitarist and Phil
Collins the Yes drummer, Bryan Ferry or Elton John might have been the KC
singer, but none of those happened. Who are we to willing to change history
? From my personal point of view, i'm taking the risk to being hated from
the ET community as i am prepared to write down this : i think KC must have
been dead and buried in 1971 if the first line up remained intact. Whatfor ?
Even a deaf person can hear the parallel between "In the Court" and "In the
Wake"...It's so obvious ; the title track "In the Court" and "In the Wake"
works on the same basis, so did "21st schizoid man" with "Pictures of A
City" (Of course, there was also tremendous tracks in it, but that's the
main impression i have). For me, and i assume the fact that some others
might find it wrong, that's a profound sign of lack of inspiration, a sad
evidence of the incapacity of renewing themselves.

And so, i am very happy it changed, and continues to change. Mobility is
Vitality. And KC is more alive than ever.

Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 01:06:07 -0700
From: "Joey Aguilera" <arkham at indiscipline dot net>
Subject: Cirkus CD 1
Just got my copy of Cirkus today and was very pleased to finally have a live
recording of Neurotic !!!!!!!

Has anyone out there had problems loading the multimedia part of cd 1 on
your PC. I pop the cd in but it shows no files just audio files. Rather
disappointing. I will try it out on my Macintosh when I get to work on

Joey F Aguilera
i n d i s c i p l i n e

Mike Stok