Elephant Talk #573 (as text)

20 February 1999

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 23:06:39 GMT
From: et at blackcat dot demon dot co dot uk (Elephant Talk)
Subject: Did he really say that?
TJ Mathews <dumela at tidalwave dot net> wrote...

> If it came down to the Club going beyond the first six
> releases and your chance to seen live Crim, which would
> you choose?

The first six club releases, probably.

I don't know about anyone else here but my experiences of
gigs has been almost uniformly band; poor acoustics and a
poor balance and/or mix, together with a lack of any depth
in texture are made up for by turning the PA up to an
almighty ear-shattering volume which obscures any chance you
might have of actually hearing what is being played. Maybe
some people like that, although I would like to think that
for my money I'd prefer something more than the inevitable
ear-bleeding and tinnitus.

Mike Dickson - Elephant Talk Administration
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Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:59:02 EST
From: JMille1743 at aol dot com
Subject: radiohead
I was wondering if fripp has made any public comments about
radiohead's ok computer.

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 02:23:29 -0000
From: "Ronald Chrisley" <ron at chrisley dot freeserve dot co dot uk>
Subject: More turgidity on Deja Vrooom
>Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:43:28 +1300
>From: David MacLennan <David dot Maclennan at moc dot govt dot nz>
>Subject: DEJA VROOOM - playable on normal CD?

>I asked this once before but met a deafening silence
>(figuratively speaking), so I'll ask it again now that the
>thing is released: Is there any part of the audio track on
>the Crimso DVD that is playable on a normal CD player?


Now my question, since I posted this to 4 newsgroups and got
no response:

Just got Deja Vrooom, and I am a bit disappointed that it
doesn't work properly with my computer DVD drive using
CyberLink's Power DVD program.  I managed to get most of it
to work, but I can see none of Levin's movies, nor the
artist's slideshow, nor can I hear the soundscapes.  The
menu buttons don't appear -- I have to search the screen for
places where my cursor turns into a pointer, etc.  Any
ideas?  Is there a better DVD player program out there,
preferably share/freeware, that will solve my problems?  Or
is this unavoidable on a PCDVD drive?

Also, Indiscipline cuts out right after the intro, when
Bruford gives the signal to begin the "violent" section.  In
fact, it *frezees* there most of the time.  Is this the same
for anyone else?  And between each song there is a gap with
a pink flash.  On anyone else's?  Also, Three of a PP is on
side two, not side one as listed.



Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 23:04:42 EST
From: Enoboy at aol dot com
Subject: RE:The Link Between KC and SNL is Finally Established!!!!
>>From the New York Times Magazine, Sunday 1/31/99 profile of
>>actor/comic Bill Murray: "(In the early 80's) Murray and his
>>first wife...lived in Paris, where Murray studied
>>philosophy, particularly Gurdjieff, and history at the

Actually, there is a much more tangible link.

Fripp recorded "Sacred Songs" using most of Darryl Hall's
back up band, which included G.E. Smith, who was also the
guitar player on the SNL band.  Fripp was known to have hung
out on the SNL set on a number of occasions along Mr.
Smith's significant other of the time, Gilda Radner.

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:26:20 -0800
From: "Stephen L Arnold" <sarnold at coyote dot rain dot org>
Subject: Re: Discipline
On 14 Feb 99, a couple guys mentioned Starless:

I've been engrossed in the newer stuff lately (especially
OZTW) but after putting on Red today (and listening to it
3-4 times while I sat at the keyboard working) I came to the
following conclusion.  After listening to RF's playing on
Starless, I think I know why the title Discipline came up
the next time around...

And I *like* Adrian's drumming (and guitar, vocals, lyrics,
etc).  I just wish some of the tracks on OZTW weren't so

Just a thought.

Steve Arnold                     http://www.rain.org/~sarnold

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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 02:01:46 EST
From: Bknt at aol dot com
Subject: Norbert Fragg Answers Your Burning Questions
Dear Team,

	A tape has passed into my possession, allegedly
recorded by a cruel, rapacious fan of the noted but not
overly quoted, petulant but rarely ebullient, spiteful and
almost never contriteful digressive rock guitarist, Norbert
Fragg. According to the fan's whining confession, extracted
only after I played all 16 CD's from the Compleat Barry
Manilow Boxed Set, the tape was obtained during a concert in
which Mr. Fragg was appearing with Projyecch 3.1415 and,
mirable dictu, was not flash-photoned during the entire
evening.  When Mr. Fragg reappeared on stage, the fan
shamelessly activated a SECRET TRANSMITTER that he had
plugged in an unmentionable orifice, and, captured, with
added descriptive detail, a wry and witty Q&A between the
acrimonious Spikey Tike and selected audientals. So wormy is
this tape with insights into Fragg matters that I just had
to transcribe it and fling it into the far reaches of


Norbert Fragg Answers Your Burning Questions

Audient 1(earnest, no longer young man, facial hair): I have
an unpleasant nature and don't like people. Is this an
obstacle to work?

NF (severely peeved): That is not a burning question. In
fact, that isn't even warm. I want burning questions, and
not from hirsuit earnest young men who have are concerned
with the evolution of progressive rock. I want burning
questions from the ladies. Are there any ladies out there? I
see a gentleman with a violin.

Audient 2 (comedian, ancient): That's no lady, that's my wife.

NF: That, sir, is not a question. Burning questions, please.

Audient 3 (ingenuous female, peculiar facial piercings,
passively vibrating due to massive overdose of serotonim
reuptake inhibitors): How can I get started in the music

NF: Beginnings are invisible. Therefore, make yourself
invisible. Then stand in front of a train. The effect of
being ground under the inexorable wheels of British Rail has
remarkable congruence to the manner in which I was received
as a contract player with FeeGee Records. What, you don't
know that the music industry is sewn with indigestion and
stitched with tweed and and yet, it is possible for the
sincere musician to survive in the marketplace without being
in the market for a place. If you are a person who lives on
the first floor, spits in the cellar and mucks around in the
garden, this will appear with some clarity. If you are a
dope, you're a dope all the way from your first recording
contract to your last royalty.

Audient 4 (angry, sexually ambiguous): Mr. Fragg, I live in
a cellar and I believe your persistent use of architectural
metaphors in your diary to explain your neo-platonic
metaphysical class structure to be demeaning to those such
as myself who feel quite comfortable in dank, grotty
spaces. In an effort to comprehend your tetchy importunings,
I left my happy hovel to view this garden of which you speak
so highly. I found it to be dark and filthy, pest infested
plot littered with scraggly vegetation. Upon gazing upward I
noticed only a dark and distant ceiling pocked with tiny
holes that admit light from the floor above. Are these holes
actual gaps in the ceiling, or are they merely the absence
of darkness?

NF: No and no.

Audient 5 (large and under the impression that Carey Grant
impressions are easy): Norbert, Norbert, Norbert, in your
diary you mentioned a concert in Protuberance, Ohio in which
you, a performer, found that the music died, and yet, you
kept performing. I attended that concert. I was the one who
threw a rhubarb pie in your face. When this failed to get
your attention, I climbed up on stage, waved to my
girlfriend and took numerous flash photos of your grimmacing
face. After this, I bludgeoned you repeatedly with a bullet
microphone that I was using to record your performance. I
then asked you why you broke up your first band. You didn't
answer me. Why?

NF: I don't care for pie.

Audient 6 (Female, stunning and not too much eye make-up)
Oh, Mr. Fragg, I'm afraid the spark has gone out of my
marriage. My husband and I met when we were listening to
your music and we thought you were so intellectual and
philosophical and apocalyptical and polyrhythmical, and
whatever else is in that Robert Palmer song. But I had to
leave my husband when I finally found a vinyl copy of that
record you made when you were with The Meagre Gentlemen, you
know, God Shave the King, and I listened--really listened,
with my eyes closed, my ears opened, my expectations
unimprisoned, my soul exposed, every critical facility in my
consciousness tied up in some great and terrible bondage to
your utterly selfless desire to BE A PERFORMER and TO NOT
really listened, just like the audient I was born to be, to
that part on the record where you have that girl sounding
like she is having this great, big, incredible--you
know--MOMENT--and I figured that any man who would devote
his entire life to an inquiry into how music
might--umm--come into the world, well, and, can I be your
Foaming Terror Lady? Can I I respond like a limousine,
brought alive on a silent screen? Can I sit in a chair in my
sad America? Can I be your number one fan? Can I PLEASE
fetishize and reify your every bleat? Can I, can I, can I
have your autograph?

NF (impersonating Steven Seagal impersonating Clark Gable):
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

At this point the sound on the tape becomes indiscrete, if
not indiscreet, as numerous audientals let fly a variety of
pies, cakes and cheese-injected dessert items that fall
lavishly upon the rapidly retreating guitarist, who, when
last heard of, was solemnly holding his pic so as to better
hold his tongue.

Bill Kent

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 03:50:59 EST
From: DanKirkd at aol dot com
Subject: Re: Bonus Tracks!
Dan B. wrote:

> With Our Man Robby's announcement of France '82 as C.C. No.
> 4, this brings to mind the fact that ain't this going to be
> the Frejus show (where they opened for Roxy Music--believe
> it or not)--that was finally re-released on video after a
> long time? Recalling, the length of 'The Noise' was
> approximately 1 hour. If this is the case, then I'm sure
> Robert realizes many people already have a hi-quality
> version of a large part of this show when they purchased the
> video. Therefore, I'm sure he will seek to 'sweeten the
> kettle' for the CD by tossing in some additional songs which
> didn't make the cut onto videotape. (Assuming they played
> longer than 60 minutes that night, right?)

As one of the 15 thousand audients at the Frejus show in
1982, I can tell you three tracks played that night didn't
make it onto the video release: Thela Hun Ginjeet, Red, and
Elephant Talk.  So hopefully if the entire set makes its way
onto the Club release we'll get to hear those tracks.  Keep
in mind though that as the opener for Roxy they played only
about an hour all told.

Dan K.

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 03:51:02 EST
From: DanKirkd at aol dot com
Subject: Re: t shirts
Greg asks:

> I was wondering if any web site you know of would sell me a
> crimson t-shirt; assuming someone makes them

If you are looking for KC t-shirts go to the DGM web site
and order them from them.  The North America offerings
include a t-shirt for almost every KC release cover.

The URL: http://www.discipline.co.uk/

ET Web

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:23:20 -0500
From: Gary Davis <artshop at artist-shop dot com>
Subject: Re: RF--The Lady & The Tiger(variations thereof)
At 11:02 PM 2/14/99 GMT, you wrote:

>I don't know if any of you out there have noticed but the
>story: "The Lady and The Tiger has a marked resemblence to
>The Grateful Dead's "Terrapin Station".
>Each involves a lady and a choice of whether to brave a
>tiger.  "Terrapin Station" came out in 1977.  "The Lady &
>The Tiger" came out in 1984.
>Any comments?

Now are you referring to the actual story itself?  If so,
then it would be more appropriate to say that Terrapin
Station has a marked resemblence to The Lady & the Tiger.
The story was not written by Fripp or Toyah.  It was
actually first published in 1882 making it quite a bit older
than either album release.  The author, Richard Stockton, I
believe, died in 1902.


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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 19:40:39 -0800
From: "D. Chinn" <dchinn at btinternet dot com>
Subject: Re: Mujician
Just in case anyone still doesn't know before they buy their tickets...

Although the Mujician band does indeed contain Keith Tippett of "Poseidon",
"Lizard" and "Islands" fame, the Tony Levin involved is not our TL but
another TL - this one's a longstanding British free jazz drummer.

At the risk of being even more pedantic, the Paul Rogers mentioned ain't the
Bad Company guy, but one of this second TL's colleagues (a bassist).

So expect British free-scene scurrying, but don't expect anything that's got
much to do with KC.

Enjoy yourselves,

Dann Chinn
dchinn at btinternet dot com

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:55:48 -0500
From: "David Cohen" <David_Cohen at Emcore dot com>
Subject: simple answers to simple questions
> David Wrote:  <<David MacLennan <David dot Maclennan at moc dot govt dot nz>
> Subject: DEJA VROOOM - playable on normal CD?

I asked this once before but met a deafening silence
(figuratively speaking), so I'll ask it again now that the
thing is released: Is there any part of the audio track on
the Crimso DVD that is playable on a normal CD player?>>

This is like asking if any part of a VHS cassette is
playable on an audio cassette deck.  This is probably why
you never got an answer.

To the dude looking for t-shirts, dgm has been selling
dozens of different t-shirts for years.  Have some coffee,
it will wake you up.  Shirts are fine quality and great
bargin.  DC

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:29:32 -0600 (CST)
From: flaherty michael w <z946128 at rice dot farm dot niu dot edu>
Subject: Bartok, Cage, and Fripp
I.  While the Bartok discussion was indeed ended before it
began, there is obviously some interest in Bartok's
acknowleded influence on Fripp (months later it keeps coming
up), so let me just say that the String Quartets are
particularly important in this regard, and that #5,
particularly the final movement, is, in my opinion, the most
obvious (which is not to necessarily say greatest) example
of this influence.  Please note that we are refering to
concepts here more than exact sound: if you do not enjoy
modern classical music, you won't want to buy these
quartets.  The Tokyo String Quartet's versions are quite

II.  Those who find Fripp's writing on music (not to mention
his non-rock influences) interesting may be interested in
the writings of John Cage, particularly the "Silence"
collection.  While Cage's influence (in thought and music)
is more obviously seen in Eno's work, I find Cage's basic
approach to musical theory quite similar to Fripp's (albeit
more to Fripp's solo work and writings than to Crimson).

Michael Flaherty

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:12:39 -0500
From: Boomstick Industrie <boomstick at sympatico dot ca>
Subject: more sacred songs
in ET #572, Bill Lantz <lantz at primenet dot com> wrote:

>Great! Now if you could add Peter Gabriel II in there- RF
>would be hard pressed to top that for artwork for a trilogy
>box featuring outtakes, photos, notes, enhancements,
>interviews - well it's a thought anyway.

How about:
Box Set One: PG II, Exposure, Sacred Songs
Box Set Two: 80's Crimson (Red,Yellow,Blue)
Box Set Three: Damage, USA, Live In Japan
a trilogy of trilogies!?

I've actually owned PG II on vinyl, cassette (gave it away) and CD, and my
damn CD skips! Aargh.

Err... Just looking at the actual CD today.  It says Daryl
Hall + John Oates: Sacred Songs.  The lyrics sheet and cover
are all from the original, and just say Daryl Hall.  Does
BMG Japan know about this, or care?


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Lead Designer,   	    |   does anything about it, so I'm building
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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 01:46:10 +0000
From: Mick Wright <mick at mjw dot abel dot co dot uk>
Subject: re: Sacred Songs, USA, and album art
Another abrupt end is on 2002 from Fripp's 1994 DGM
recording "1999 Soundscapes-Live in Argentina"

- that's all folks

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 09:14:23 +0100
From: Daniel Santo Orcero <dsanto at activanet dot es>
Subject: Dumb audiences
The matter about flashes in concerts really seems to me very
simple. The artist is a musician, not a top model. And the
most annoying fact must be not only the fact that the light
is disturbing, as David Todd says in ET#569; my thought is
that you're a musician, trying to make a good performance,
and people is more interested in treating you as an teeny
idol. The fact speaks "i don't care about your music, i just
want to have a proof that i've seen you". I read somewhere
that F. Zappa cancelled a concert because one of the amps
didn't sound right, and the people booed about it. Zappa
spoke angrily to the audience, something like "do you simply
want us to make a clown show for you? you wouldn't see the
difference if all the amps were broken". That's what a
musician can feel when someone makes that sort of things;
like playing to a dumb wall.


dsanto at activanet dot es

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:05:59 +0100
From: "Roderich v. Detten" <detten at uni-freiburg dot de>
Subject: link to e.tamm's book about r.fripp
"good evening hippies",

my latest dicovery in the www: the homepage of eric tamm,
author of the out-of-print biography of mr. fripp. voila:


very interesting: the whole chapter 10 "guitar craft" (ennobled by the
object himself) can be found there!

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 08:16:11 PST
From: "Matt D" <dibes at hotmail dot com>
Subject: CD's for sale or trade
 I have the following CDS for sale or trade

  Robert Fripp aand the League of Crafty Guitarists
      Live in Europe   1991
      Show of Hands
  John Wetton
      King's Road 1972-1980
  Adrian Belew
      Inner Revolution  \
      Cheikha  Featuring Robert Fripp and Flea

  All in great condition

  Looking to trade for the Absent Lover's CD
                         or  Prometheus

  Please email me for more info

 Matt Deibert
 dibes at hotmail dot com

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 13:45:26 -0600
From: "Oscar Castillo Manzanares" <ocastillo at uap dot cnr dot gob dot sv>
Subject: help
I can buy Cd in this site or not, I'm seeking the records USA (live) and
Great Deciver 1973-1974, but in the place where i'm ussualy buy this type of
music not find it, for example musicblvd & cdnow, please help, thanks for
your help

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:37:07 +0000
From: Chris Warburton <desdinova at earthling dot net>
Subject: Re: Annette Peacock
>Can anyone tell me what became of Annette Peacock (vocals
>and co-writer on Brufords' Feels Good To Me.  I vaguely
>remember an album called 'X' or something like that around

The album was called X-Dreams, originally released on RCA (I
think) as was another album whose name escapes me for the
moment; both of these featured musicians (many British) from
the hinterlands between jazz & rock.  In the early 80s there
were a couple of albums on an independent label - mine are
in storage so I can't be more specific, the last that I know
of being a selection of material covering quite a long time
span & called "Back On The Streets" .


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:00:44 -0500
From: s craig stamm <sstamm at wvu dot edu>
Subject: Solicit videos, autographs, PP Web site, flashes, copywrites
Hello fellow Crimheads,

It is time once again for me to de-lurk and throw out some

I have noticed that Robert has more or less solicited "boot"
copies of concerts in his February 8, 1999; 10:11 diary
note: "If Craig (Astley), or anyone else with favourite
bootlegs, would like them considered for release by DGM
please send the originals to us.  We'll transfer them to DAT
and put them in the archive."  I would think that this
applies to videos as well.  As you know there has been a bit
of a clammer for 1969-1974 videos of the group, and if good
copies exist out there in Cyberland (or elsewhere), then by
all means send them to the Gigster so DGM, KC, and the fans
can benefit by their official release.  Surely some of you
have the Midnight Special, Beat Club, Top of the Pops or
Atlantic Promo videos on your shelves.

BTW, the "Easy Money" clip from the Atlantic Promo appears @
44:16 into the Yes Years (1991) "A Retrospective" (ATCO)
video and lasts for about 30 or so seconds.  I noticed that
in the credits it says, "courtesy of Chris Kettle and EG
management".  Surely, if Yes could get permission to show
this clip, then DGM (or Virgin) and KC should be able to do
so in its entirety as well (I would hope).

Not to tread on a banned topic (and he tries), but I feel
that if you really want Robert's autograph you should buy a
signature series CD like I have of B'Boom (nice signatures
of all double trio members) or go to a release signing
function, and not hassle him at concerts.  Also, (IMHO) if
you really thrive for his attention do something of good
that he may notice (lots of suggestions here).  However,
please don't bother the man--he has definitely made this

It sure would be nice if Robert could put Dan to work on
getting the Possible Productions Web Site up and running
again here in the US.  Surely this would facilitate US
orders, and save time on personnel answering e-mails, etc...

On the subject of flash photography and Gigster exit, I have
to wonder if wearing glasses complicates the exposure to
flash by bringing about a lensing effect (concentrating the
light).  I know the primary function of glasses is to change
the focal point, but by presenting more surface area than
the eye, I wonder if this intensifies the problem.  I have
not asked this question to any of my glasses wearing friends
yet, but I have to wonder...

Also, I wonder how Robert feels about the simple act of
copying a KC CD that I purchased onto tape so I can listen
to it in the car (I don't have a CD player there) or
elsewhere.  Does this infringe on the copywrite as to
destroy the spirit of the music if it is a live recording?
Can this "act of copywrite violation" be considered
benevolent taping (as long as I keep it to myself).  If I
gave a copy to my wife would I be liable for prosecution?
This has seemed to be a grey area that no one speaks about
very often.


Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:04:16 -0500
From: Mark Chapman <mchapman at langley dot edu dot net>
Subject: Gig Announcement: Markus Reuter/Dark Aether Project/Quarkspace
Hello Earnest Young Crimpersons!

I wanted to let you all know about a nifty show coming up in the
Washington, DC area. No advance tix are necessary. Location:
Phantasmagoria (club) in Wheaton, Maryland
(http://www.phantasmagoria.com). Date: Saturday, March 13. The lineup
for the evening will comprise Markus Reuter of the Europa String Choir
(check out the DGM page), Dark Aether Project from Baltimore
(http://www.DarkAether.Net), and the space rock offerings of Quarkspace
(http://www.quarkspace.com/). Additionally atmospherics and visual
stimulation will be added by the wonderful displays of Solar Fire
Lightshow (http://www.now-online.com/jmfinity/). This is assured to be a
very enjoyable evening, and if you are so inclined, you can join fellow
D.C.-area Crimheads at an afternoon tete-a-tete preceding this show at
Phantasmagoria. Join us for friendly conversation, some good beverages,
CD/record shopping and listening, and other good stuff.

You can *add*:
Contact me directly if you seek any further information.



Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:15:26 -0500
From: Gary Davis <artshop at artist-shop dot com>
Subject: Cirkus
Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop newsletter is out and you'll find it
in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>.
But here are some KC related excerpts especially for you.

On our import pre-order page
you'll find information on the following forthcoming

KING CRIMSON-CIRKUS (2CD) (European edition) Rarities from
throughout the entire career of this phenomenal English prog
rock outfit.

KING CRIMSON-CIRKUS (Japanese edition) of the English prog
rock icons' 1999 rarities collection in a miniaturized LP
sleeve and available from Japan before the rest of the

KING CRIMSON-SCHIZOID MAN + 1 $19.95 (Japanese edition) of
acclaimed EP featuring five different versions of Crimson's
classic '21st Century Schizoid Man', plus an undisclosed
bonus track. Six tracks total. Comes in a digipak.

And available now on our new imports page
<http://www.artist-shop.com/catalog/imports/new.htm> is the
following from Mrs. Fripp:

TOYAH-ANTHEM + 6 Reissue of the hit British pop vocalist's
1981 album for the Safari label, complete with the CD-ROM
video to Godley & Creme's clip for 'I Want To Be Free'
added, as well as six undisclosed bonus audio tracks that
are on disc for the first time.

TOYAH-CHANGELING + 7 Reissue of '80s album, complete with a
CD-ROM video of Godley & Creme's clip for 'Thunder In The
Mountains' and seven undisclosed bonus audio tracks that are
on disc for the first time.

Coming March 16 from DGM
<http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln> is Bill Bruford &
Earthworks/A Part, Yet Apart.  Bill Bruford has a habit of
working with only the most incredible musicians even if we
haven't heard of them yet.  He's been touring with a brand
new Earthworks comprised of saxophonist Patrick Clahar: a
terrific young improviser, highly thought of in the London
scene, played with Steve Grossman, Valery Pomarov,
Incognito, among others; keyboardist Steve Hamilton: trained
at the Berklee School of Music, Boston, U.S., played with
Van Morrison, Pee Wee Ellis, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby
Hutcherson, Gary Burton, and others; Bassist Geoff Gascoyne:
one of the most in-demand London jaz players, has played
with Sting, Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, US 3, Tommy Smith,
Guy Barker, and others.  If the new Earthworks is half as
talented as the old Earthworks, this new album will be a

For those of you into live performance, here are some
touring dates.  On our DGM page
<http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln> you'll find the
following dates for Bill Bruford & Earthworks, and the
Europa String Choir:

Bill Bruford's Earthworks

20 Arts Centre Poole, Dorset
21 Waterfront Carlyon Bay, Cornwall
23 Bull Theatre, Barnet, Herts
25 Corn Exchange Newbury, Berks
26 West End Centre Aldershot, Hants
27 Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxon
28 Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford
29 Blackheath Concert Halls, London
30 Clair Hall Haywards Heath, W.Sussex

2 Arts Centre Swindon
3 Gantry Arts Centre Southampton
4 Lichfield Arts Centre Staffs
5 Arc Theatre Trowbridge, Wilts
6 The Stables Wavendon, Bucks

Europa String Choir

Wed 17 Coventry Arms Corfe Mullen, Dorset 8.30pm
Thur 18 Mr Smith's Piano Bar Poole Hill, Bournemouth 9pm
Sat 20 Arts Centre Salisbury 12 noon - 1.30pm
Sat 20 Zodiac Club Oxford 8.30pm
Sun 21 Arts Centre Dorchester 7.30pm

Bill's fellow Crim, Adrian Belew, has a brand new release on
Thirsty Ear Records (which will soon have a page in The
Artist Shop!).  Presently you'll find it at
<http://www.artist-shop.com/newlabel/index2.htm>.  Salad
Days combines tracks from BelewPrints and The Acoustic
Adrian Belew with live tracks heard here for the first time.
This collection of acoustic performances includes song
selections from his solo history as well as with King
Crimson.  On the same page we've also added a hard to find
gem that many of Adrian's fans will appreciate, The
Psychodots/Ripley's Live - the Official Bootleg.  The
Psychodots are none other than Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger
and Chris Arduser.  Many will recognize them as Adrian's
co-horts in The Bears! This double live set comes on
enhanced CD's with a music video and photos of the band.
Definitely a fun CD!

In a tangentially related note, we'll be hosting an IRC chat
with Tony Levin's LTE bandmate, Jordan Rudess, this Sunday,
February 21st at 3pm eastern/12 noon pacific.  Full details
on joining the chat can be found at


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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:43:16 PST
From: "Edgar Kausel" <ekausel at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Re: Neurotica
Eb said about James Crary :
> So feel free to file his observations squarely under "take 'em
> with a grain of salt." And now that I've seen his picture
> via his website, well...let's just say that it didn't do
> much for his credibility.

I don't share Mr. Crary thoughts about RF, but that picture
is actually a tribute to ITCOTCK, as you can notice watching
the inner drawing of that album... Let's just say that it
does a lot for his credibility in terms of his KC passion.

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:46:12 -0800 (PST)
From: Edgar Kausel <ekausel at yahoo dot com>
Subject: A cross in the ocean
I've just listened to Keith Tippet's "Une croix dans
l'ocean" recorded live at VictoriaVille (check out for him
there on May). I only can say : Gee! What a Mujician!

"...and may music never be just another way of making money."  --Keith

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:07:37 -0600
From: Paul dot C dot Wright at ercgroup dot com
Subject: Adrian Belew Interview
For anyone interested, there's a pretty good Adrian Belew
interview in the Feb/Mar 1999 issue of UR Chicago.  I've got
their e-mail, and I'll send them a request to post the
article to the list, for our friends across the water.



Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:50:27 -0600
From: Netscape User <netscape-user at uw dot madison>
Subject: Re: Michael Hedges and KC
Hedges was wonderful.  He eventually had classical training
and got into Bartok, who was also a big influence on Fripp.
KCers looking for a first Hedges record might do better with
something other than the new one, which is mellower than
some.  Aerial Boundaries and Live on the Double Planet might
be better bets to start.  Reply to me, if at all, at
kkhall at hotmail dot com.

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:02:50 +0800
From: Brady Drum Company / Chris Brady & Craftsmen <cpbrady at merriweb dot com dot au>
Subject: Can new material be archival?
It would seem common knowledge that 'new' KC material was
recorded in 97 but not released for the (I think very noble)
idea that it was not radical enough. Now if you consider one
of the points of the archival series to be to give KC
enthusiasts a chance to investigate 'snapshots of process',
work in development etc., to release this work in the
framework of being archival makes sense. Especially if any
of the ideas/concepts were used in any of the ProjeKcts
(from the liner notes of Space Groove, the piece
ConstruKction is obviosly pre-projekct). It may seem odd to
consider newish material as archival but given the above and
also that both the archival series and the collectors club
have (at this stage) a chronology to them I feel this would
be a perfect release right before we are hit with the new KC
album proper. ( I don't think selling it would be hard
either!)  Shane Brady

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 21:57:19 -0800
From: "John Selby" <tam625 at hooked dot net>
I thought you might be interested to know.

MCDONALD,IAN-DRIVER'S EYES 517092  UPC 766485170927
Scheduled Release Date: 03/25/99
Japanese edition of 1999 solo debut by the King Crimson veteran featuring
earlier availability than the rest of the world. Guests on the album include
Michael Giles, Steve Hackett, Peter Frampton and Gary Brooker.

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:53:43 -0500
From: tj <dumela at tidalwave dot net>
Subject: ET eats cake
It's time for you to pay a visit to the ET sightings
page. There is something pleasant to your palate there. It's
rumored to potentially change your luck.  If everyone goes
we'll come closer to world peace. When The Jefferson
Airplane sang, "Do it," this is what they spoke of.
Tempting or upsetting just click.

tj dumela at tidalwave dot net

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 16:16:19 -0500
From: Mark Chapman <mchapman at langley dot edu dot net>
Subject: Washington, DC ET'ers Meeting
Dear Folk:

Sorry to say that I spoke too soon when I mentioned that
some of the Washington, DC ET'ers would be getting together
at the Phantasmagoria club on March 13 prior to the show by
Dark Aether Project, Quarkspace, Markus Reuter, and Solar
Fire Lightshow. You are welcome to join us for the evening's
entertainment (and we certainly recommend it), but our use
of the facilities in the afternoon has been preempted. On
the other hand, I'm sure some of us will arrive somewhat
early for the live music, so feel free to get in touch with
me directly if you would like to meet some of the area
earnest young men and women.



Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 16:05:13 -0600
From: "Jensen, Gregg" <JensenG at scott dot disa dot mil>
Subject: Travel Bleary Capricorn
Hi to all--

I know I'm not the first to make this connection; but I was
listening to Epitaph-Volume 1 Track 10--Improv-Travel Bleary
Capricorn and I noticed that Roberts Spanish sounding riff
on the fist 8 seconds of that track matches note for note
the track on the Beatles White Album--The Continuing Story
Of Bungalow Bill.  My question is since I believe the White
Album came out in 1968 and the Epitaph track was recorded 14
December 1969...Who's copying who?  Please help!!

Gregg Jensen

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:12:42 -0500 (EST)
From: deafjim at webtv dot net (James Crary)
Subject: The Sufi Cassette
     Everybody here probably has observed that Robert Fripp
play acts a kind of "bobby" or policeman regarding unethical
taping, and no doubt there are those who assume it is
ethical greed that drives him.  I personally doubt the
materialist front he is putting up is what really bothers
him.  What divine spark can be occassionally found in
Crimson's stuff can be lost when cameras flash and attention
is diverted in props.  It's a practical thing.

Mike Stok