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17 April 2006

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 22:42:55 +0100
From: Steve Bailey <ET06161 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: What is KC?

I write as a long time fan of KC.

But what am I a fan of? What is KC?

Is KC merely (ha!) Fripp & his friends of the hour? Or are we KC?

RF has said KC is a way of making music - but maybe it is, instead, a way of listening to music.

Either way, we need some more. We are junkies, we need our fix. Maybe there can be a KC *without* RF - certainly, I don't think it will, or should, stop when (if?) RF goes Starless. We will still be here; and we might be the *real* KC. So who should be the next musician-side of KC?


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 22:15:40 +1000
From: S. Zjakic <ET03483 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: KC Member In Australia

What a bummer! Finally - a KC member playing in Australia (literally in my neighbourhood - Hurlstone Park, Sydney), and I'll be on a family holiday in NZ. Bad luck, huh? Mate...I've even sent an email to Adrian's management to see if he had any plans to come back to Sydney for another show after his last planned gig in Melbourne, but still haven't heard from them. Anyway, I thought it was worth a try.... I can only hope that the tour is a success and that it inspires Adrian to lobby Robert to bring the next incarnation of King Crimson to Australia.

Looking forward to some gig reviews from Sean and other Aussie fans. Enjoy!


Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 17:17:37 +0100
From: Gakochan <ET06163 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: Rare King Crimson fanzines on eBay + Adrian Belew magazine

Hello ETers

You might like to know there are several copies of the KC / Fripp fanzines Book Of Saturday and The Night Watch, plus a Guitarist magazine from May 1991 with a Fripp article/interview, on auction at eBay.

There's also the May 1992 edition of "Guitar Player" magazine, which features an interview with Adrian Belew.

If you're interested, please check the listings at



Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 08:09:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: WILLIAM KENT <ET06077 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: The Passive Periphrastic of Norbert Fragg

ET'ers all,

Zounds! Norbert Fragg's Soundscrapes, which, for years, were considered inconsequencial by the music media, not to mention the World at Large, have finally had an undesired consequence!

Bleator the Sour created a new band: Sour of Power, and invited the hapless Fragg to solo guitaristically, if not heuristically, on a reworked, reworded version of a prior hit, (Oh What a) Tetchy Man (He Was). Fragg refused.

Thus began a competion among foundering, if not floundering prog rock au-go-go bands to tempt our Norbert to contribute to retitled versions of their tired, but not yet retired tunes, and thus bring new misery into their world. Ander Ianson of Heathrow Dull wanted Our Guitarist of the Perpetual Warmth to dribble in on a new studio version of Soundscraping Away (on the Ice of a New Day. Alas, Ianson was flouted.

An as yet additional, but in no way contritional, reformation of Not Quite offered to rework complicated arrangements, three part choir boy harmonies and lyrics of their infamously incomprehensible "Close to the Fridge" "Yours is Definitely a Disgrace," "I'll Be the Down and Out," "Owner of an SUV." If Fragg would tour with them, they promised a gala concert version of Fragg's last, unqualifed smash hit, "Lights Please," that spontaneously combustible high water mark on Thing Dismal's best-selling triple CD live set, "The Inception of a Flush."

Fragg abjured this opportunity, and did not even deign to reply (and Fraggs almost always prefer to deign out, rather than eat at home) to the squabbling members of Pink Adenoid, who contemplated a Fraggish solo on a remixed version of (All in All, It's Just) Another Shop in the Mall, Part Two. He was thunderously silent to the Amercian Tse Tse Bop, who abandoned all plans to redo their classic bottleneck boogie stomp rocker "(The Girls Are All Crazy `Bout a) Sharp Dressed Fragg."

Similar rebuffs went to The Whom (Won't Get Fragged Again), Geater Pabriel in the reformed Menace-Is (The Fragg Fries Eggs on Broadway), and Robert Shrub and Jimmy Leaf of Lead Balloon's "Whole Lotta Fragg." In an effort to gain an explanation to these seemingly daft indignities, I made the acquaintance of Theophrastus Horatio Endymion Floor, a comrade who was praised recently in Fragg's published Diaries, to wit, "T.H.E. Floor is my friend."

Mr. Floor took me into a secret Mouthborne basement where, he assured me, our Norbert uses for what he referred to as passive periphrastic practice. Mr. Floor pointed to some blottings above the basement chamber door. He told me that what resembled an accident of plumbing was, in fact, if not in fancy, the very handwriting upon the wall. I read: Fraggis desipio ei agendus est.

"That's the passive periphrastic," Mr. Floor assured me. "A Latin construction that indicates obligation and necessity."

I demanded a translation.

"Fragg must play the fool, or, colloquially, Fragg must make an ass out of himself."

"An ass?!" I exclaimed.

He further told me that Fragg has forsaken musicking temporarily to make his Shakespearian debut in a most appropriate role in the Hoof and Mouth Theatre Company's production of "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream" as a character who wonderfully, magically, marvelously makes an ass of himself.

Verily, dear team, Norbert Fragg has Bottomed out.

Bill Kent

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 08:49:50 -0400
From: "Painter, Stephen" <ET04383 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: Thela Hun Ginjeet?

Does anyone know or have a track of the spoken (taped) part of Belew's travails with a street gang from Thela Hun Ginjeet? I am looking for the words only, without the backing music. I love the Absent Lovers version of Thela, but I think that, without the spoken monologue, the song misses something. I want to mix the backing into the song for my iTunes library.

Steve Painter
Network Admin, Southeast Veteran's Center
stpainter at state dot pa dot us

Mike Stok