Norbert Fragg: Out of the Garbage Can

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:49:32 EDT
From: Bknt at aol dot com
Subject: Norbert Fragg: Out of the Garbage Can

Plucked from obscurity (and an unemptied dust bin filled with soggy cartons
of Chinese take-away, Mondrian Bayou's discarded, dearly departed, if not
dead-on-arrival, lyrics for newest Slurp Fraggson album, The Frustration of
Trite, the very new CD, emblazoned with a sticker quote from Norbert Fragg:
"Slurp Fraggson is older, smaller and slightly potty. Too long out of the
cradle, but not yet into the grave, we no longer invent the wheel, but we can
still rock, and roll with the punches."

Four Stooges Blues

Well I woke up this morning in yesterday's underwear
Got the cat scratch fever so I ran my hand way down there
Couldn't think of no new words to rhyme
Checked out the song doctor who said, "Son, this ain't no crock
You've been listening to too much Album Oriented Rock."

The Frustration of Trite

And if Michael Jackson's the King of Pop what am I?
A middle-aged family man with only small fish to fry.
Floundering in self-pity.
An oyster in a stew.

Into the Garbage Can

I was just thinking about Frank Sinatra
How he ate it up and spit it out and did it his way
And I'm tossing what I sung the other day
Into the garbage can

This Song's Whatever I Say It Is

Snit snot, Bryon's claw, plastic surgeons sweep the floor
Nothing ventured, nothing less, oh what a perfect mess
Think anybody will understand this?
Our guitars make sounds between the notes
Don't compose. Follow your nose and pick what floats.

Coda: I Ate the Dream
    (The first line is from Zappa's "Electric Aunt Jamima")
Holidays and salad days, and days of moldy mayonnaise
Fast food photos of supersize fries
James Beard, Julia Child, Escoffier and Savarin
Cat food, hot wings, a waste of sweet and sour
Red herring, whitefish, blue cheese, a greasy box of take out Chinese
The steaming menu of our just desserts: can't get enough, even if it hurts.

Bill Kent

Mike Stok