"Discipline" Celtic Knotwork

Date: Tuesday, 22 Dec 1998 18:37:42
From: jchapli at ibm dot net (Jeffrey Chaplin)
Subject: "Discipline" Celtic Knotwork
In answer to Griff Lewis' question I enclose the following,
which I received from the writer, John Kyrk, after I noticed
this same logo on his own web pages, which may be found at



Thanks for writing about my knotwork mark. I am its
designer, and, as a matter of fact, I do have a copyright on
it, as it is quite popular. I got interested in the Fourth
Way around 1970. I once saw a demonstration of movements in
Boston narrated by Mr Bennett. I was on the fourth course at
the Claymont Society in West Virginia that started in 1978,
and later was a resident, and I know Larry Altman from
there. All of the FourthWay people I know seem to be in the
Bennett line.

When I started hand letterpress printing in 1975, I designed
a printer's mark for myself. I modied an ancient celtic
knotwork pattern so that it alluded to the enneagram. At
small size it also looks like a lion's face. When Claymont
started its journal Impressions in 1981, my knotwork was
printed with permission on the cover. Robert Fripp says
that, when saw it, he thought it was an ancient mark, and
erroneously put it on the cover of the King Crimson album
Discipline, where it was copyrighted. Robert apologized,
paid me a token of appreciation, and promised to stop using
the mark. I discovered last year that it is still on the
cover of Discipline.

A few years after the appearance of my mark on Impressions
and Discipline, Robert's new recording company sported the
knotwork logo that you see on the Discipline Global Mobile

At the outset of this saga I copyrighted my mark, and I
continue to use it. It still reflects my interest in
Gurdjieff as well as the things I've gotten into because of
him. I'm glad you noticed.

End quote.

Mike Stok