What`s going on at ET

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:41:50 PDT
From: "Morten Tornes" <mufte at hotmail dot com>
Subject: What`s going on at ET

I am new to the ET and after reciving three digests I must
say: What is going on here is quite silly.

All thre`s talk about is: Is Bruford leaving?, is there
going to be a KC without Robert?, what will they do?, ahhh
what will they do?  My opinion is what ever happens to KC is
up to the people involved in KC, NOT the fans.  I`m happy
with what ever they do. I`m sure Robert is capable of making
good desicions, he`s been make them for over 30 years now.

Allthough I must admitt I don`t fancy the thought of a KC
without Robert. You can`t really call that King Crimson now
can you?  There`s not much left off what you started out
with there then.  That would be like the Genesis you`ve got
now, which is real silly.  I mean Peter Gabriell left and
Phil Collins started singing was big change, but ok. ( he
really should have sticked to drumming, he`s the king of
whirl) But what happens when you take away Phil and put in
some young "Stilt Skin" guy. You`re left with something
sounding like (pardon my french) shit. I mean, you`re mixing
generations. The old people trying to sound hipp and the
young person trying to live up to this big thing.

I`m sorry if I gott a tad off subject here. Got carried

My point is: if you take away Robert you don`t have KC, you
have something else. Call it whatever you like, just not KC.

Matt Barber had an interesting idea. To put Bill Bruford,
Arian Belew and Tony Levin in a group. There you have you no
Fripp band, but you don`t have to call it KC.

This was my first posting to ET.  Hope somebody cared to
read it, and even like something off what I had to say.

P.S: does anybody know if KC has had concerts in Norway?
(where I live) If so, when and where was that?  And dear
Robert Fripp, could you care to consider coming to Norway?
Just playing anything, soundscapes, guitar craft, projeCKt
or Kc (mostly KC :)) I`m of the new generation and I can`t
go all the way to the US.  So please, if you`re reading
this. Consider coming to Norway. We have this great Jazz
festival in my home town Molde each summer. Maybe you could
come there.

Bye for now.

Mike Stok