News update

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 05:56:56 -0400
From: Discipline Global Mobile
Subject: News update
September 10th. 1997.

Dear Team,

        In response to recent postings:

        News update:


Bill Bruford
Robert Fripp
Trey Gunn
Tony Levin

        The practical difficulties of King Crimson working together are
immense: huge expense, expectation from audiences of King Crimson and its
repertoire, and major logistical problems.

        An alternative approach is for smaller units within the Double Trio
to work together, privately and publicly, rather than for all six of us to
clatter and bang away simultaneously - which can be wonderful, for some of
the time. And awful, for some of the time. And loud, for most of the time.

        Separating out the full group into smaller working ensembles
increases the musicians' knowledge of what is possible for the full group;
conjoining increases their understanding of what is possible for any Double
Trio. Or any Triple Duo. Or Sextet. At least, that's the idea which I am
currently presenting to the other members of King Crimson, to consider our
next period and how best to embrace it.

        Trey is himself not aware of any plans for Crimson as a Triple
Trio, although I found the idea sufficiently wacky to believe it possible,
wonder who Trey had in mind and whether his thinking and mine coincided.
Until I discovered Trey was not aware of a Triple Trio. And right now, Six
is quite enough for me.

        PROJEkCT ONE, at the Jazz Cafe, London, Monday - Thursday 1-4th.
December 1997, is the first King Crimson sub-group project of several
planned. The music is improvised and there are no prior rehearsals.

        The aim of these smaller Crimson projeKcts is to function as
Research & Development for the Greater Crim. These projeKcts may become as
much and as little as they may.

        Trey, Pat and Robert have already agreed to undertake a Single Trio
improv performance either in Seattle, Austin or Nashville, but have yet to
agree practicalities.


        On the afternoon of Saturday 6th. December (14.30 - 17.00) there is
a Soundscapes performance in Newlyn Church, Cornwall, with artwork by John
Miller and Peter Willis, to benefit a local special needs learning group
which has had its funding cut.


        In case the above should give the misleading impression to any
unwitting ET reader that I am seeking to refashion my mercenary image to
that of philanthropist, I make the following request:

        Think of me in the worst terms you may, knowing that the hardest
judgement at which you might arrive falls far short of the actuality. This
has the advantage to you that your expectations of me, as other than a
wretch, may never be disappointed. This has the advantage to me that I do
not have to feel the burden of your expectations. Then, you have the
arising advantage that you might look to your own nature, conduct and
aspirations rather than mine. In seeing your own nature, compassion for
what I bear in seeing and knowing myself might arise within you. It is to
our joint advantage that, in having a better sense of what is true, we
might share a sounder base for our opinions and judgements in respect of
each other. Even, to seeing that we are the same creature.



Mike Stok