Fripp and Gurdjieff

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 17:49:26 +0100
From: Neil Talbott <neil at antescher dot demon dot co dot uk>
Subject: Fripp and Gurdjieff
In message , Art Keuling <greenhrt at cimpusmart dot ab dot ca> writes
>I believe any similarity between Fripp and Glass (and I feel there is some)
>is purely coincidental.  What I have not seen in any posts since I joined
>in is any reference to Gurdjieff.  Fripp trys hard to live in the moment.
I have to say that I think that comparing Fripp to Gurdjieff is a
dangerous occupation. Gurdjieff was a remarkable man...he was also a
remarkable confidence trickster. Fripp is a remarkable musician, but I
don't think he'd take kindly to being called (by inference) a con-man.
If there is any similarity or link between the two, then cite J G Bennet
who fell out with Gurdjieff, or the pithy obscurity of some of Robert's
writings could be deemed as defiant to logical analysis as the writings
of Gurdjieff; but beyond that...? Fripp is unique, Glass is unique,
Coltrane is unique, Gurdjieff is unique. To compare any of these major
figures to each other is to either lay down  poorly labelled sign posts
or red herrings, but no more useful than that.

Toby, can we please put an end to the King Crimson goes acoustic issue
before it becomes overwhelming, Why are so many people intent on wanting
to hear KC play acoustic when it's not natural to the music... are they
trying to straitjacket the performers? It is generally considered that
(acoustic) classical music performed on synthesizers a la Tomita is an
abomination, and Hendrix songs performed by a string quartet are pretty
feeble divorced from their natural ambience. But if people want it, then
we'll be having Tangerine Dream and Jarre performing on harmoniums and
pianos devoid of all the synthesizer washes and colours that make their
music listenable.

Do we really want to hear RED or THRAK on acoustic instruments? Do we
want to give Robert and David headaches trying to set up an acoustic
sounscape performance in some subterranean location? I think the MTV
unplugged series is just a fashionable means test on who can and who
can't , and the only artiste I found remotely imaginative in their
approach to the format was BJORK.

'Now, forget all of this.' Robert Fripp, 1981.

Neil Talbott

Mike Stok