Update I & II

Date: 10 Feb 97 12:04:20 EST
From: Discipline Global Mobile <73064 dot 1470 at CompuServe dot COM>
Subject: Update I & II
Monday 10th. February, 1997.

Dear Team,

Update I

	This is to update interested parties on the operation of Discipline
Global Mobile in the United States.

	Originally in the US, DGM and Possible Productions were set up and
operated by Mark Perry. Possible Productions marketed, through licensed
distributors and mail order, DGM records and related goodies.

	As Possible grew, it seemed to me that we actually had two distinct
entities developing: DGM the record company, and PP the supplier and
(increasingly) mail order business.

	Towards the end of last year we separated out DGM and PP, with
Michael Tedesco in charge of the DGM office in Los Angeles and Mark
continuing to operate mail order from Long Beach.

	As DGM begins to re-establish itself in the US, and begin to
address its own mail order operation for the future, Mark has now chosen to
pass over the Possible Productions mail order business in its entirety to

	So, any mail order enquiries and orders, which would formerly have
been addressed to Mark at Possible Productions, should now be sent to:

	Michael Tedesco,
	PO Box 5282,
	CA 90209-5282;
	(213)937 9102:	fax.

	We shall make the transition as smoothly and quickly as
possible. When we are in fully operational mode, we'll be sending the
Discipline Newsletters to all those on the mailing list.

	A personal acknowledgement from Robert:

	Mark is an enthusiast. Without his energy and enthusiasm, and
Cheryl's help and support, Discipline as a record company may not have been
able to happen. Thank you Mark, thank you Cheryl.

Update II

Crimso the Great Playback: London, Saturday 15th. March, 1997.

	Michael Giles, Ian McDonald, Peter Sinfield and Robert Fripp have
all expressed their intention to be present at the playback. Greg Lake may
also be able to attend. David Enthoven and John Gaydon (the original "EG"
and from happier times) are also likely to be there.

	The response is larger than we anticipated and we are currently looking
for a suitable playback venue. The current schedule is this:

13:00	Doors open and consumption of Little Beasts,
			parting with hard-earned pay, mingling
15:00	Presentation & playback
17:30	More consumption of cake,
			parting with more hard-earned pay,
				even more mingling, etc.
18.30	De-vibration of facility
19:00	Venue clear

	That is, we are not currently planning any event for the evening.


	The Great Roberto.

Mike Stok