Bill Bruford Interview

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Date: Wed, 15 Nov 95 17:24:49 JST
To: toby at cs dot man dot ac dot uk
Subject: Bill Bruford Interview
Hi Everybody,

This is a translation of an interview with B. Bruford. The original
interview article appeared in a recent Japanese magazine for musicians.

Int: Are there clear differences among the audience of different countries?

BB: Yes, of course. As always Japanese audience are very quiet. I can see
their respect towards artists and entertainers.

Int: Are the stages going to be different every night?

BB: Yes. We do it that way. Otherwise both the band and the audience will
get bored and sleepy.

Int: Does that include your style of performance? You do not only change
the order of the songs or the selection of songs but also play the same
song differently from yesterday's stage?

BB: That is case by case. It might sound a bit private but our songs have
two parts, one that allows improvisations of each person and one that you
are only allowed to play as it is made. So for the part where improvisation
is OK, the playing style is up to each individual. For example,
Discipline. A part of that song is changed every night. (T. Ohsawa's
comment: I think this is a mistyping. It is probaby Indiscipline.)

Int: Regarding those improvisation parts, do you discuss among the members
before a concert to sort out things?

BB: It depends on time and occasion. We may decide precisely to the details
or we may discuss nothing and make it a surprise. A typical example of
surprise is Thrak. The middle part of that song is completely improvised.
It is up to each individual member. So everytime nobody knows what the
style of the song would be (laughs). If one member does the improvisation,
the other members would respond by improvisation. That's King Crimson. I
wish the audience do enjoy those interactions on stage.

Int: It was impressive for me to see you on stage enjoying very much. Is
the band going well internally?

BB: Of course. Even when you compare it with before, it's the best. We are
having fun playing.

(to be continued)

Bye, Tom

Mike Stok