H. Moriya (CGT) Interview

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 18:09:06 JST
From: ohsawa at csg dot sony dot co dot jp (T. Ohsawa)
Subject: H. Moriya (CGT) Interview
Hi Everyone,

This is a continuation of the translation of the interview with Mr H.
Moriya, a member of CGT.
Please first read the translation I did before (few numbers back).

AA. You don't use music sheets on stage. What about when you are practicing?

HM. We use them sometimes when we bring our ideas to CGT. Other than that
we use them for classic music piece. Like the piece by Bach which we
recorded in our new album. We used music sheets during the practice for
that piece. At that time Bert, who is an authority in classic music and
good at music sheets, have written the music sheets for each part.

AA. Tell me the process you go through to complete an original music piece.

HM. Basically, a member who believes that certain riffs and a progression
of chords may become a song brings those idea. Then ideas are added by the
member himself or by others. It is clear from the authoring credits given
in the new album. I do not think the description in the first album was
appropriate. Because we are a band with three members, I don't think we
should play a song that is composed by one member only.

AA. Have you done any special treatment in the arrangement of music pieces
because you play with instruments that are of the same music scale? For
example, I feel that you have done quite a bit of thinking as to the
exchange of different parts of a music piece among the members.

HM. We distribute parts so that each member is able to play the parts that
they are good at. For example, quick phrases are played by Bert or me.

(to be continued)

Bye, Tom

Mike Stok