Interview A.Belew

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 18:45:25 JST
From: ohsawa at csg dot sony dot co dot jp (T. Ohsawa)
Subject: Interview  A.Belew
This is a continuation of the translation:

M. I think it is quite difficult for bands and musicians with long careers
to be engaged in a new activity without losing freshness. From your
experience, could you tell us what is the key to keeping the freshness?

AB. First, you have to put yourself under different circumstances. That's
the same with a new band.  We all have fresh attitude. We have new faces
like Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto. I myself am always thinking about music
to keep the freshness and always seeking new possibilities. And I try not
to repeat myself. As a musician, there are a number of new technologies I
should learn and tools I can use . There's a lot I should learn each
time. A small thing becomes the bridge to the next inspiration. As long as
you move forward, you will always hit both similar ideas and totally
different ideas.

M. You said previously that the time has come for King Crimson to do
something. I feel that Crimson appears again at the time when the trend of
popular music changes. Do you think that Robert has any intention about it?

AB. From what I felt through discussion with Robert, I think that he had
much intention. There is no doubt that he was aware of something rising
within him. Robert seems to periodically feel the desire to do something
that cannot be done within a normal world of rock. Then he starts doing
Guitar Craft or something that is more abstract. But like now, he also
wants to do a wonderful music in a band with other members. So, it is
himself, his mind that made him ready to start King Crimson again. And it's
similar with me. There aren't so many people that I want to play
with. There aren't many situations, either, in which I sacrifice something
for. But this is one of them. It must be something exceptional that makes
me get out of my house because usually it is most enjoyable to make records
in my own recording studio (laughs). That's why King Crimson is a very
special thing for me.

(to be continued)

Bye, Tom

Mike Stok