KC live/studio

From: Terrance L Kalka II <tlkalka at mailbox dot syr dot edu>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 13:28:19 EDT
Subject: KC live/studio
This is in response to the ET'er who felt that after listening to B'Boom,
KC weren't worth seeing, since "They can reproduce their studio sound
onstage...there is little difference between THRAK and B'boom."(paraphrase)

Sorry for the breach of nettiquette, but WHAT???  One of King Crimson's
selling points has always been the fact that the live experience is
radically different from the studio experience.  The concert I saw in
Buffalo, NY proved that many times over.  B'boom should prove it as well,
and  I would like to point out some of the cases where this is so:
1. Frame by Frame - many of Fripp's cirular runs are completely different
>from any 80's version.  The division of percussion duties augments this
track as well.
2. Red - C'mon, this sounds nothing like the original track, and not
a whole lot like the live 80's version.
3. B'Boom/THRAK - Both are much longer, more wild and far less polished
than the studio versions.  There are several gestures in B'boom which
have been changed or replaced.
4. Talking Drum/Larks' II - The new instrumentation demands that this
is different from previous versions.  It gets better as the years go on.
5. Heartbeat - Trey Gunn really helps flesh this one out.
6. Sleepless - just listen to the percussion.

I suppose this isn't the most pedantic argument, but I think if one
really listens to all that's going on in a 90's KC recording, one will
find some astonishing differences between different versions of the same
song.  I guaruntee that any KC concert will be different from any other


Mike Stok