Dis. Glob. Mob. orders fine tuning

From: Robert Fripp
Subject: Dis. Glob. Mob. orders fine tuning
Discipline Global Mobile,
PO Box 1533,
Wiltshire, SP5 5ER.
(44)722 781042: fax.
73064,1470 at compusserve dot com
September 10th. 1994.

Dear Team,

The early responses from readers in both North America and Europe have
given rise to some fine tuning in orders for various
Dis. Glob. Mob. titles.

Orders from the Americas should be directed to Mark Perry in Long Beach.
European orders should be addressed to the address above. The prices posted
in GBP should not be translated into US$ terms and sent to Mark: different
conditions prevail in the two territories.

The high cost of dealing with US$ cheques (even in a US$ account)
regrettably make this facility prohibitive for orders from here. So, ALL
orders within Europe addressed to DGM at Salisbury PO Box 1533 should be in
GBP, whether by cheque or money order.

Mail order is likely to be a more reliable way of getting DGM titles than
going down to your local WH Smith & Son.

The release date for "Robert Fripp: 1999" (the Soundscapes album drawn from
live performances in Argentina earlier this year) is 15th. November. If you
forgive an artist being excited by their own work, this is highly
recommended but tough listening.

	Once again:

	Mark Perry, Possible Productions (California),
	351, Magnolia Aveue,
	California 90802;
	310-491 1945: fax.

As a postscript: next week I fly to Nashville for two days work with Adrian
Belew before we go on to Buenos Aires and join the other Crims for one
week's rehearsals prior to the performance debut of the Double Trio


Mike Stok