From: Robert Fripp
To: Discipline
Subject: News
Date: August 18th. 1994.

[[ In the following letter from Robert, you'll notice an email address is given, for ordering Discipline Records releases (European enquiries only). Udo Dzierzanowski, the office manager at Discipline Global Mobile, has asked me to point out that while he welcomes orders via email, and requests for information about Guitar Craft, he is _not able_ to respond other inquiries, or enter into the kind of discussions that we feature in this newsletter.

Toby ]]

Discipline Global Mobile,
PO Box 1533,
Wiltshire, SP5 5ER.
(44)722 781042: fax.
73064,1470 at compusserve dot com

Dear Team,

    It seems that a number of contributors to Discipline have had difficulty
obtaining The RFSQ: "The Bridge Between". And if they have had difficulty with
that, then Trey Gunn is going to be hard to find. So, I have taken the decision
to address mail order seriously as a part of the activities of Discipline Global
Mobile, i.e. Discipline (GM) Records.

	So, from today onwards we are prepared to accept orders for Discipline
titles from throughout Europe in two currencies: L sterling and US$ at the
exchange rate of L1.00 = $1.55. Sterling would seem to be the most obvious for a
UK based company, but we have accounts in both currencies.

	Orders may be by UK cheque, or money orders. We are not able to process
foreign cheques or converting currencies other than L and $ and are intending to
set up credit card facilities in the near future.

	We shall accept orders immediately and send out CDs (only) when pressed
(for the 3 current titles) or at the official release date for forthcoming
titles. I recommend immediate ordering so that we are able to stock sufficient
numbers of all Disc. Glob. Mob. titles.

	This is the catalogue for which orders may be immediately received,
prices to include postage & packing within Europe:

1.	King Crimson: "VROOOM" mini-album (31'04")
		(release November 8th.)
		This is the new Double Trio formation

2.	Robert Fripp: "Soundscapes - Live In Argentina"
		release November-ish

3.	The Robert Fripp String Quintet: "The Bridge Between"

4.	Trey Gunn: "1000 Years"
	(TG is a member of King Crimson and The RFSQ)

5.	The California Guitar Trio: "Yamanashi Blues"
	(The CGT are members of The RFSQ and The League of Crafty

6.	The California Guitar Trio: Second Album (to be titled)
		release December-ish

7.	Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists:
		"Live In Europe"
		release probably January

	Possible Productions (California) is available to take orders for North
        and South America:

	Mark Perry, Possible Productions (California),
	351, Magnolia Aveue,
	California 90802;
	310-491 1945: fax.


You might be interested that FFWD (of which I am either the first or
second "F") is currently No.1 in the Music Week Independent Album chart
this week, and that Sylvian / Fripp: "Damage" (a live concert recorded
last December) is available on Virgin from September 25th. The RF:
"Soundscapes - Live In Argentina" (74'30") will be available at about
the same time as VROOOM and is STUNNING! This is the modern form that
carries on from "Frippertronics" but is a quantum leap forward.

I'm off to Tokyo this Sunday for extensive King Crimson interviews, a
Sylvian / Fripp installation in the P3 arts space (below a zen temple)
on the theme "Redemption" and Guitar Craft (Japan) II.

Mike Stok