ET - faith thee well

Date: 16th February 2007
From: David Kirkdorffer
Subject: ET - faith thee well

If this is the last edition of Elephant-Talk, I'm a little saddened by the news.

ET was the coolest reason to have internet access back in 1993 when I first came across the site. Through the 90's ET was a great place to keep up with all things Crimson. And what an amazing community ET built. The pent up need for hundreds of people to communicate tidbits and anecdotes about their Crimson experiences found a venue and exploded, as did all sorts of conjecture about a myriad of Crimson topics. And let's not forget the "almost" flame wars.

ET became a venue to hear from members of Crimson as they dropped in. We heard about tour dates and new releases, ProjeKcts and solo releases.

And accompanying the ET newsletter, the ET website became home-base for all things Crimson. It attracted articles, interviews pictures and links, submitted by readers and organized into a very useful and easy to navigate website.

So, if this is the last ET, I am sad.

I'd like to express my gratitude and thanks to the ET team that has make this possible over so many years. Toby Howard, Mike Stock and my brother Daniel Kirkdorffer - thank you so much for all your many many hours of hard work pulling together a community that too often has taken for granted this wonderful little corner of the Internet.

Thank you guys. What you built has brought me many many hours of fun and entertainment. I will miss this little world you have shared with us all.

David Kirkdorffer

Mike Stok