Fripp, Photography etc

Date: 12th February 2007
From: Kevin Brunkhorst
Subject: Fripp, Photography etc

Let's kill the photography thread forever, no? [ Oops! -- Mike ]

Everyone who knows Fripp knows he doesn't want to be photographed with flash while playing. I understand why. Some don't. If Fripp walks off the stage for that reason, the audience is being punished. Perhaps the audience is supposed to punish the photographer.

And yet there are many photographs of him performing. Many are on the DGM Live website. Why not simply look at them? And Fripp loves to take snapshots. On his website are lots of pics he's taken: out of hotel windows, in hotel rooms, in his living room, in the backyard, even in the mirror. Pictures of parking lots, cars, beds, bookcases, fireplaces, light poles, flowers. Who needs more?

While we're at it, let's look at some evidence: Fripp does not suffer fools gladly. He doesn't have to. 40-odd years of being moderately famous in rock music have inoculated him against attention from strangers. He doesn't need it. He can probably afford to 'retire', and in the (now obsolete) conventional music-business model, he mostly has, because he picks his work, rather than being a victim of it. Good. He's 60 years old. Rock music is not known for intelligent people.

But then, he could've been a realtor. Then he would've taken pictures of houses and lots.

We can tell by reading that he likes coffee, sweets, reading books, and taking pictures (and reading e-mail, apparently, since he does a lot of it). He's private and yet keeps an online 'diary' in which he tells you more than you will ever know about most people in similar positions. Obviously the people who are important to him are his loved ones and family, and the few musicians and co-workers he trusts.

The music speaks for itself, and the music tells us things that the musician cannot. Yet he chooses to tell us other things, such as how his flight went, when he got to speak with his wife, and that he sleeps on the floor sometimes. Who among the readers feels like they've been cheated?

Kevin Brunkhorst
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mike Stok