Re: review of RF's Microsoft VISTA sounds

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 15:30:28 -0600
From: Charles Stack <c dot stack at sbcglobal dot net>
Subject: Re: review of RF's Microsoft VISTA sounds

Hello! I posted the following review of Bob's VISTA sounds on ProgArchives, your readers may be interested:

I only gave it a 2-star rating since I think more of Bob's distinct personality could have been left in the mix. Pity that MS didn't allow for that! Maybe RF will release archival material in the future? Please follow up!

Also, within minutes of my posting my review & 2 star ratings, other ratings were made! It is now up to three stars!

Search for "Fripp Vista" in Google News, you will find a wealth of information about the project! Here's a pretty good one:

And another:

Fripp in the...NEW YORK POST?? This is great!!

All the best,
Chuck Stack

Mike Stok