new cd

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 09:53:07 GMT
From: "sgtrichusmfc at netzero dot net" <sgtrichusmfc at netzero dot net>
Subject: new cd


Looking for anyone to help me with info on the new CD, as I think I have one with a huge mastering error.

This is in ref to "Collector's King Crimson Volume One". Firstly, discs one and two are reversed. I can handle that, but it is inconvenient. But what seems like a Major flaw is the disc that ends with Easy Money....the song just abruptly stops! Followed by a few seconds of tape hiss, then a tape thump. My question, is this supposed to be this way? I understand the tapes are collector's tapes, but there is no mention of this in the liners, so I have to ask. my dealer so far knows nothing about this. I'm hoping you do or can direct met o someone who does (record label perhaps??).

Thanks, and looking to hear from you soon!

Cordially yours,
sgtrichusmfc at netzero dot com

Mike Stok