Photograph, art, and discipline

Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 23:14:20 -0200
From: Pedro Moreno <ET02582 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: Photograph, art, and discipline

Hi! This is my very first post to the ET newsletter, so greetings to you all!

About the subject of Fripp-photograph,

If Fripp gets photographed by people he hired to do so, who other than himself is responsible for his actions? Such a discussion could only be carried by demons, wishing secretly to somehow acquire a novelty they do not understand. A man's choice is his, and touching that would be touching his freedom.

However, when a member of the audience takes a picture of Robert, his reaction is not quite so accepting; as already mentioned, he is liable to simply walk offstage as an answer. Yes. So what?

Obviously, he is interacting, and not being cut away from stage, but leaving -- making a choice. Folks, there's the basic difference here; Robert has already agreed to get photographed by the pros, so it's happening of his accord, in a professional relationship. You are, most likely, not his friend or his buddy. You appreciate his art. He appreciates that. That's about it.

So, when the moment is there, which you worked for and paid with money, what is the moment about? To think you will be there and carefully listen to King Crimson only to become an emptiness where KC echoes indefinitely would be silly. You are not a simple thing, no one is, and anyone can appreciate art. So you will articulate what you get from the stage. Very good. That's your bit, and it can be infinitely savoured. At that crucial moment, what the audience gets transforms it, as it reacts to the music. And then, inevitably, this reaction from the audience; this transformation, which can be feeble, temporary, fantastic...; it reaches the source of the music. And there, it is likewise tasted by those people, who also inevitably react and are transformed. And thus the cycle works, and there can be no question it does. But heed!

They are there to speak, you are there to listen. That's been agreed upon prior to your arrival at the moment. But no agreement about photographs. Not personally, at least, since it is known that he doesn't welcome photographs. So I guess very few people actually take pictures not knowing he doesn't like it.

Robert Fripp is sending a message when he walks offstage. To each his own. You can do whatever you want. But you have to see the reactions to your actions, and if you want them too.

And if you can't understand another person's choice, don't meddle. And if you can, don't meddle either. You have a life of your own to make all the choices you want.

So, basically, it's about not forgetting who you are and where you are. And about having respect and a wish to collaborate.

Truthfully yours,
Pedro Moreno

Mike Stok