Larks' tongues in Autumn Grass?

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 13:28:13 -0000
From: Gareth.Page <ET05756 at elephant-talk dot com>
Subject: Larks' tongues in Autumn Grass?

After a period of more than 30 years I rediscovered Autumn Grass by Continuum, an anglo-hungarian effort released in 1971 The line-up consisted of Yoel Schwarcz-classical guitar, flute, harmonica, recorder, sax; Tim Rice-organ, piano; Peter Billam-bass guitar, electric guitar; Harvey Troupe-drums. And no, not the Tim Rice who wrote lyrics for some awful musicals The liner notes suggest that the album combines Elizabethan music and rock, a fair comment when you see the track listing includes Vivaldi's concerto in D major (also played by Steve Hackett with his acoustic trio). The title track takes up the entire second side. This was written by Patric Standford, the Yorkshire-born composer, and is quite avant garde for an early 70s (ostensibly) rock album, and includes a short violin section that is very reminiscent of sections of Larks' Tongues part 1 and Providence. The two vinyl copies I've bought both have a fair amount of surface noise, which does interfere with your listening pleasure on some of the quiet sections, but I strongly recommend this to any LTIA-era crimhead.

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