Situation Vacant internet DJ

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 11:22:17 -0400
From: drg55 at netscape dot net
Subject: Situation Vacant internet DJ

I has now been just over a year since I first tuned into Prog'opolis with Vince and Daisy on, the best damn King Crimson show on the planet (ok it was the only one).

Sadly the show runs out of steam and Vince and Daisy are calling a halt, next Saturday.

I have most King Crimson cds, so there wasn't much to learn there, yet in the past year I have gained a far better personal appreciation of the many fine musicians who at one time played with KC. Is there a better band than this? I think not.

Vince, a musician himself, was professional as any paid DJ in putting together the play list, and Daisy maintained the support of the listeners who came into chat during the show.

Away from the twisted marketing driven commercial stations, the internet is one place good music can reign supreme. Hopefully Prog'opolis has helped spread the word about King Crimson to another generation. If anyone would like to take up the mantle of a Crimson focused program, contact Shawn Bishop at the Dividing Line Broadcast Network.


Mike Stok