Discipline symbol

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 11:41:38 -0500
From: "Antonacopoulos, Glenn" <glenn dot antonacopoulos at ngc dot com>
Subject: Discipline symbol


I thank you very much for providing the FAQ to those of us who love King Crimson.

I see that the "mark" on the cover of Discipline is copywrighted by the artist (and untitled?), maybe this had something to do with the difiuclty in finding the album on CD, I don't know. And I see people have tried to make sense of Adrian Belew lyrics that I always thought were just wonderful nonsense.

So I always thought that the lyrics to "Indiscipline" were just meant to be funny. But certain people always wanted to know what he is talking about, and point to the fact that Belew looks at his guitar during the song. But a friend of mine once insisted that he had figured it out - the lyrics refer to the "mark" on the cover of the album, because no matter how you break it down, it remains consistent.

Food for thought, and I am cc'ing my friend.


Mike Stok