Re: Racism/Fripp's leaving re-thought a tad

Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 19:21:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steven Munari <blackzoner at yahoo dot com>
Subject: Re: Racism/Fripp's leaving re-thought a tad

Hello fellow Criminals;

I had to re-think my position on Robert Fripp's 'diary comments' & my reaction in my last post.

I still feel cheated after devoting a large amount of time & money, by the thought that Robert is packing it in, however, it's no different than if he had died or got 'tinitus' or some other injury that would keep him from playing. However, I guess I just don't want it to end this way, for selfish reasons and for the other musician's in the band and all the other KCriminals.

It's 'his diary' comments that tend tp piss me off. I mean of course he can & will do what he wants & what is best for 'him', however there 'are' others to consider, those whom make their living from KC & not just the members but the road crew, & all the tech's hell everyone. Btw I CAN now hum the chorus or melody of some songs from "TPTB" so I was to quick to act in that case. The thing is, the moments I remember of the 'new songs' sound alot like parts of 'old' Crimson tunes! Oh well, when an idea is great, use it every 15 or 20 yrs or so! Btw did anyone else hear what Fripp is stating now in a couple of tunes from "TPTB"??

Anyway, those great performance moments cannot be taken away and I still have the cd's, but right now I feel i'll listen to them less. As I said previously, I certianly hope this doesn't stop the members of "The 21st Cen. Schizoid Band" of performing.

Onto poster, "Stampdaddy". I too was taken aback by some of his comments. Saying that(& I'm completely paraphrasing here)The Black community would stop MTV if it didn't air 'black' video's, or would charge them with racism, whatever he said. While he's busy blaming MTV for an over abundance of black artists, I don't recall him specifically naming any!?? What the...

I do find PLENTY of fault with MTV & MTV2 however, and the majority of radio. I mean how screwed up are our young people, when everything they know comes from "either" MTV station, or VH-1 to a 'slightly lesser' extent.

Just watch "The Tonight Show's" segment(s)of "Jaywalking' & you'll get a sad insight into todays youth. They can't answer the simplest questions on things like the U.S. Government, or identify photo's of past & present Presidents, or those of Castro or the Pope & identify them or look at say the Mona Lisa & be able to name it, 1000 other examples i've seen, & MOST were young people, some IN COLLEGE! Some people find "Jaywalking" or similair segments 'hilarious', I find them frightening...disturbing.

All the kid's today have their parents money to buy the cd's that MTV & it's counterparts in radio feed them 24 hours everyday. "Stampedaddy" did have some of the 'artists' names correctly, Brittney-Pink-Put the young 'good looking' female singer's or talkers name here. Then Eminiem-Nelly-Limp Bizkit-50 cent-again put same names here. I detest the products that MTV makes billions on, and YES alot of them are BLACK! Is that a lie? It's a majority of Hip Hop, and Rap & Gangster Rap that gets ALL the airplay, male or female. Plus anything stupid sells. Fact. Anything that has to do with Sex sells! Fact. Otherwise why would there be so many MTV "Houseparty's" or MTV "Summer Break" specials, at least the poster didn't lie to everyone.

There was a recent 'small scandal over here in the U.S. when what I believe was an MTV employee, or an ex-MTV employee(pls forgive me MTV if i'm wrong)was in either Florida or California, & was arrested for 'lewd conduct', 'contributing to the delinquency of minors' plus 'possession of cocaine' & 'possessing liquor to contribute to the minors', I may have that last charge named incorrectly?

Anyway this 'great guy' & his crew(videotapers) were 'hiring' young women(under the legal age wether that's under 18 or 21 or whatever doesn't matter)for $30 U.S. dollars a day & 'ALL THE LIQUOR' they could drink. Men too, but no charges against the guy's were filed, because they're young men I guess it's ok?

So he'd pay them, allow them to get themselves so drunk that they'd strip off their bikini's, & get into 'lewd' acts with each other or the boys, whomever and these guy's videotaped this activity & sold it.

The main guy had business cards and some shitty name for his 'production company'. They seized tapes cocaine & a van or two used 'for hauling the video gear'(they looked like someone's idea of a 'cool ride to pick up chicks in' to me, they had the cheesy carpeting, all over everything, bench type seats, or a fold down bed whatever, in the back) the 'typical' van for some jerkoff.

Plus the seized video's from the years prior to this, that had sleeves printed on them & boxes with seductive photo's that the "news" channel had to morph over to air. So this guy had done this long before he got caught, & made quite a sum of money as a website was discovered. At the time I saw it the FBI was involved in attempting to locate the 'girl's' on the released tapes they thought were too young, so they could further prosecute these guys.

I know we have more pressing problems, but our youth has only 1 chance at life & the crap on Music television & most of radio, doesn't help. "Stampdaddy"was really wrong about BET, that's about the only tc station I CAN find good music on!

The old Geezar

My point is

Mike Stok