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Elephant Talk, formerly known as Discipline, is an internet mailing list about the musical group King Crimson and things related. It is distributed as a digest from time to time, and you can find out more at the Elephant Talk web site. On this site you'll find an archive of the digests which are available broken down into articles, as well as in their original form, and a search engine to run on the articles.

But this is a value of ET: it provides raw data on how to passionately live a life not quite worth living, while attributing blame for life's disappointments to someone else.

Robert Fripp, on-line diary entry for 21 January 2001 on DGM's web site.

Elephant Talk Archives

The archive currently contains 27239 articles from 1250 issues. The issues have been formatted a little and empty articles discarded. If you find that there are errors in the "translation" then please let me know, the original text versions are available here too.

Note: Elephant Talk #481 was an April Fools joke.

The ET archives are under construction. An irregular status report can be found here.

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